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Address: Killinarden and Kiltalown, Tallaght, Dublin 24 

Date of Project: Current 

Client: Arden Team 

Project Size:  620 Residential Units 

The site is located in Killinarden in South County Dublin on the foothills of the Dublin Mountains and is at the southern edge of the urbanised part of the South Dublin County Council area. The site slopes upwards from north  to south, getting steeper as it approaches the foothills at its southern boundary. 

In setting out to build a large number of Dwellings – 620 residential units made up of a mix of Houses, Duplexes and Apartments  a strong emphasis was placed on building communities and not just houses. The tenure mix is 20% Social, 60% affordable and 20% private , with these clusters spread across the entire site rather than high concentrations of a particular tenure in one area. Community facilities such as Creche, Community Centre, Local Retail with Landscaped parkland following the sites natural contours and Civic/public amenity spaces are also proposed. 

The approach is to create a ‘tenure blind’ development and to facilitate integration at all levels achieving a balanced socio-economic mix ensuring a sense of community is achieved. 

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